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October 2006

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tsuzukinoai in sampwnsu


So, you want to join Sam's Zombie Followers of Doom, do you? Well isn't that dandy - but are you worthy of being bestowed with such an honor? PERHAPS - only time will tell. Oh, and your ability to fill out the application below in the correct manner, and submit it. ...doesn't sound so hard, does it?

Alias: What would you like to be called by mods, fellow members, ect.?
Hobbies: Please list a few of your hobbies.
Strength(s): List a few of your best attributes. What do you like most about yourself? What do people seem to like most about you? What are you good at?
Weakness(es): List a few of your worst attributes? What do you like least about yourself? What do people seem to like least about you? What are you bad at?
Rate Your Personality!: On a scale of one to ten (1-bitch, 10-saint) rate your own personality. Please explain your reasoning in two or more sentences.
Rate Your Brain!: On a scale of one to ten (1-idiot, 10-nuclear physicist) rate your own intelligence. Please explain your reasoning in four or more sentences.
Has Sam Ever Pwned You?: Y/N.
When?: If you answered 'Y' to the question above, go into detail. Tell us everything about the time Sam pwned you - we really want to know. >D (If you answered 'N', please put 'N/A.')
What Rank Zombie Are You?: State, for the record, what zombie rank you are applying for. Ranks are listed here.

A moderator will get back to you within 48 hours, unless otherwise stated on the community. Thankyou for your patience.


...Do I need one?

Alias: Oplzbitch. Hashi
Hobbies: Following SAM around mindlessly, smexing little boys, etc.
Strength(s): Fire Amulet + 5, Boots of ass-kicking steel +1, Shouta of JUSTICE + 10
Weakness(es): … Yeah. The Shouta of JUSTICE + 10.
Rate Your Personality!: Schfifteh-five. Because I pwn, but not nearly so much as SAM.
Rate Your Brain!: Brain – Best Used By /6/6/2006
Has Sam Ever Pwned You?: Of course.
When?: She pwns me in my sleep, hoe. WENISSECKS, FTW.
What Rank Zombie Are You?: Zombie w/ Brain, yo.

Re: ...Do I need one?

Congratulations - you've been ACCEPTED! You managed to fill out the application correctly. What a surprise. Shortly, your member submission will be approved by the maintainers, and you will be able to make posts.

ALSO - please post the following picture into your journal/blog/profile. It's important that people understand and respect your allegiance, and you dedication to the Sam.


Re: ...Do I need one?

:D -adds-

I love you guys, man.

I Want One!

*steals* Love application forms. Sometimes I look around role playing sites and fill stuff out and not bother to send them in. They're just fun to me, I guess. *sing-songy* I'm already pwned by Sam, but I don't care!

Alias: Katana, Koyoote, Scar. Pick one you like.
Hobbies: Play competitive soccer, read lots, work lots, research random shit, write, and roleplay.
Strength(s): I'm atheltic, and have a few brainy moments once or twice. I'm not stupid, it just takes me a second. I've been known to be loyal, numb, and able to take shit and think about whether I should dish it back out or not. I think, therefore I am. I am not in jail. So I think I'm doing good so far.
Weakness(es): Where some people feel too much, I'm partial to not feeling at all. And I'm semi-secretive about what I really think sometimes. But I think everyone does that. I don't lie unless it'll hurt someone, and omitting the truth is not the same as lying in my book. I've a twisted sense of irony, humor, and I like the idea of killing people political opinons. My biggest thing is too non-emotional.
Rate Your Personality!: Three. Doesn't take much to make me a bitch, and the scathing comments in my head that come up at random tell me so.
Rate Your Brain!: Seven. I may not know a lot, but I do know that how smart you are depends on fast you learn something. I also know that I must be above average to survive the MYP/IB program I'm in currently.
Has Sam Ever Pwned You?: Yes.
When?: I forget now. I'm told this pretty much every other day. Sam pwns my soul. Hannah pwns one half my soul, but she's pwnd by Sam too; thus, I'm technically fully pwnd by Sam.
What Rank Zombie Are You?: Owned Souls!

May I get a sticker too, Hannah-chan? *is already putting a sticker on her journal, but wants one in response to comment as well* Childish? Maybe. Fun? Oh yea.