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Sam Pwns You.

Every single one of you.

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Anybody , Moderated
It's that new discovery sweeping the nation. It's the biggest thing since - oh, well, you know. The Big Bang. Something like that. People everywhere, from here to Chicago to London to Tokyo are discovering what is not craze but a Revolution; something that changes everything anyone had ever believed. And we mean ever. What is the wonderful, all powerful being? Why, it's none other than Mister Rodgers Sam, biggest baddest pwnage device since the beginning of time. You had no idea She was coming - She appeared out of nowhere - but Sam is here and you will submit. Everyone will - because she pwns the world. That's why.
1. Submit. All members must openly acknowledge Sam's prowess as Pwnage Queen of Everything. All members who refuse to do so will recieve a public tongue lashing at their own expense. (All other members are invited to watch.)
2. Chat speak is unnacceptible. Chat speakers and n00bs are to keep their difference; Sam pwns all and is merciless as all hell. You learned basic grammar over the course of your life. Unless you have a very good excuse (i.e. English is your second language, you're a parapalegic/quadrapalegic, you suffer from a serious mental illness, your typing arm is broken) you will not be forgiven for t4lk1ng l1k d1$.
3. Cuts are your friend. Long posts, image dumps, rants, or entries that contain profanity should be put under a cut that is labeled accordingly. A lack of cuts - or fake ones, for that matter (which are perfectly acceptable) - can make a community look cluttered. In order to survive on livejournal you should have a basic idea of how to use them. DO NOT MAKE MODS DO THIS FOR YOU. TONGUE LASHINGS.
4. Be flexible, open-minded and considerate, even if other players are not. This is a must. sampwnsu is a community open to people of all sexes, sizes, shapes, shades, and orientations (be they sexual, religious, or otherwise.) Biggotry is not acceptable. However, it is up to the mods, not the members, to flog said biggots, should they somehow find their way here. We don't care who started it - Sam's going to finish it, not you.
5. Intelligent thought is wonderful. Sam doesn't necessarily care what you think at all but it would be nice if you would express whatever it is that you think in an intelligent manner. (See Rule #2.)
6. Have fun, you stupid fucktards. If you aren't going to enjoy yourself - if you aren't going to participate - why bother? Seriously now...
sampwnsu is a place for intellictuals and the ultimately pwned alike to gather and discuss random things such as school, friends, family, n00bs, scurge, tacos, ice cream, and Engrish. It might not look like much, but it's the first official site of Sam dedicated to Her Royal Highness of Pwnage, and we're proud to say that thus far, it's the only one. Sam > World. That's our motto and we're sticken to it. Bitches.
What's that? You've been pwned too? Well, that's to be expected, my friend. In fact, there are so many that have thus far submitted to the Sam's ultimate greatness, that we've begun a list of them; Sam's Zombie Followers...of DOOM!

Owned Souls!
Report directly to Sam.


Zombies With Brains!
Pwned Writers.


Zombies With Hands!
Pwned Artists.

(Not available.)

Zombies With Fat Teeth!
Pwned Conversationalists.

(Not available.)

Eternally Pwned Zombies!
Pwned Corpses With No Talent Whatsoever.

(Not available.)

What's that you say? You'd like to join the SZFD? Good for you! But, just so we can laugh at you and your pathetic-ness, you might as well submit an application here.
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